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College Recruiting Websites for High School Athletes


WIth the competitive nature of college acceptances these days, students need all the support they can get to not only gain admission to a good college, but to also be considered for scholarship opportunities.  


A website is an easy way to communicate information to coaches and recruiters.  Stats and videos can be easily updated to a website and a single link can be sent to a coach without having to worry about sending individual videos.  All the students information - Academic and Athletic will be in one location  - a personalized website that is easy to navigate to make sure that coaches will see your best and most current information. No matter what your sport is - Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Baseball, LaCrosse, Soccer, Horse-back Riding, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field/Cross Country, Skiing, Sailing, Rowing, Swimming, Diving, etc., a website or blog can be an effective tool to reach a targeted audience, showcase your skills and help you further your academic and athletic goals.

These websites are built so they are simple and easy to update - it just takes a few minutes to add a new video, photos or stats.

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